Comprehensive & Customizable Solutions for Bulk Material Handling & Equipment Processing

Designing & Implementing Powerful Solutions for Industrial Use

Turnkey Plant Solutions
Retrofit Jobs
Waste Water Treatment
Industrial Cleaning
Pneumatic Conveying Systems

A Customer-centric and requirement based approach to building world-class material handling equipments.

Abricate’s Industrial Solutions are widely used in various Industry Types such as Food & Agro, Cement Plant, Animal Feed, Aqua Feed, Fertilizer, Grain Handling, Minerals, Sugar Industry, Metallurgy, Automobile parts & many more

Abricate achieves this through best-in-class in-house capabilities and adequate tools for designing and implementation of bulk material handling assignments.

Experience and passion makes Abricate take up and deliver challenging projects guaranteeing the highest level of customer satisfaction

Abricate goes one step ahead and supports customer in all their projects ensuring success in all its partnerships.

Abricate’s Key Services

Layout & Foundation Planning

Helping customers in Planning and Scheduling the project to stay on time and be cost-effective to match the budget.

Plant Maintenance & Rehabilitation Works

Offers comprehensive industrial plant maintenance which involves cleaning and waste management for reuse & improved performance

Structural Design

Provides innovative designs for structures that adhere to industry standards with effective remedial measures

Structural Fabrication & Erection

Provides end-to-end expertise in fabricating the structures with caution and accuracy leveraging best-in-class techniques and expert team’s assistance

Industry-based Turnkey Solutions.

Engineering Excellence at its best!

Advantages of using Abricate’s Automated Systems

Abricate’s passion and honesty helps to create comprehensive & customizable solutions for all types of businesses regardless of the complexity and size.

Delivery and Project Support

Abricate guarantees shorter engineering cycle time with the help cutting-edge technology and best-in-class work environment which in-turn saves precious man-hours and makes the delivery time comparatively shorter and on-time without any delay.

  • Design Support
  • During Project Support
  • Implementation Support
  • Customer Support
  • After Implementation Project Support
  • Other Project Support


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